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Imagine an environment where you have an opportunity to speak your heart about the goodness of the Lord! Where your listeners are hungry for a new way – hungry for the love and forgiveness only our Creator can offer. Where the brokenness is so deep, that the only way out is through Jesus. Where the concept of “father” has been soiled by abuse and abandonment, where only our heavenly Father can replace that concept with unconditional love and will never leave. Where it’s not about you, it’s all about the One who gives live. Where you are at a place where your purpose is to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit to speak into the prisoners lives.

The MVCC Prison Ministry is an opportunity to serve inmates at the local Larimer County Jail, residents at the Larimer County Community Corrections, inmates when they are released, and also families of inmates. Men typically minister to men and women to women.

  • Volunteer Opportunities at Larimer County Jail:
    • Weekly services
    • Bible Studies
    • Educational Programs
    • Meet one on one with inmates
  • Volunteer Opportunities at Larimer County Community Corrections:
    • Bible Studies
    • Transportation to church services
    • Reentry education
  • Hope for Christmas
    • This program was started in 2007 to serve the families of inmates. It has been the foundation of MVCC prison ministry for many years. Each Christmas season, MVCC families connect with the families of inmates from Larimer County Jail and residents of Larimer County Community Corrections to show them the love of Christ. The connecting families provide gifts in the name of the incarcerated family member and a meal and hopefully establish a relationship that continues throughout the year.
  • Inmate Reentry
    • One of the biggest challenges an inmate has when released is the difficulty in integrating back into society. What does it look like as they work on their spiritual development, seek a job, find living accommodations, mend family relationships, and walk a life free from addiction?
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