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    Ecclesiastes 12:1-8

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
    • What impacted you most from our entire series in Ecclesiastes, and why?  
    • How have you seen the desire / disappointment cycle in your own life? How do you see it in the lives of those around you who don’t know Jesus? How do they try and handle the despair they feel, and how can you speak the gospel into their pain? 
    • Why is it important, no matter how old you are, to consider the aging process that we will all face?
    • What are all of the ways that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus shatter the “under the sun” perspective of Ecclesiastes? 
    • How can our celebration of Easter help solidify the message of Ecclesiastes in your heart?
    Prayer Items
    • Take some time to worship God for the reality of the resurrection. Pray that this Easter season would be worshipful for you. 
    • Confess your current disappointments to God (and any ways that you have been trying to satisfy your longings with worldly things). Thank Him for the greater satisfaction that is offered through abiding in Christ. 
    • Pray for those you know who are aging. Pray that their faith would grow stronger and stronger as their bodies grow weaker. Pray that the promise and glory of eternal life would eclipse any fears they feel. 
    • Pray for those in your life who don’t know Christ, and who are stuck in the cycle of disappointment and despair. Pray for insights as to how you can best love them. Pray for boldness and opportunity to share the gospel with them.