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  • The Seasons of Life

    Ecclesiastes 3:1-15

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
    • What “season” of life are you in? Is it a high, a low, or somewhere in the middle?
    • As you look into the foreseeable future, what unknowns are you most afraid of? 
    • What truths in this text do you most need to cling to right now? 
    • How can a confidence in eternity practically shape your joy and your actions today? 
    • Does the idea of God’s sovereign control bring peace to your soul? If not, why not? 
    • How has God used the seasons of your life to deepen your love for Him and your hope in eternity?
    Prayer Items
    • Spend time worshiping God for who He is! Praise Him that He is sovereign and eternal.
    • Confess your fears as you look ahead into the next season of your life. Be specific. 
    • Ask God to help you trust in His sovereignty, despite your circumstances.  
    • Ask God to deepen your trust in Him through your current season of life, and to help you know the daily joy of worshiping Him. 
    • Pray for the ability to better understand those around us who are despairing through the seasons of their life. Pray for boldness to share the hope of the gospel with them, do that they too might know the peace of eternal life and the promise of God’s coming kingdom.