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  • What am I Working For?

    Ecclesiastes 2:18-26

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
    • In what ways is your work meaningful? In what ways are you feeling the vanity of your work? 
    • Why is it important to understand that we were created for work (even though work is impacted by the curse)?  How does the gospel shape the way you view (and delight in) your work? 
    • How do you see the vanity described in our text at work in the world (and workplace) around you? How can you intentionally bring the hope of the gospel to those you work with?
    • What is one action step you are convicted to take in light of our time in God’s word? 
    Prayer Items
    • Take some time to thank God for the work He has currently entrusted to you, be it your job, your school, or other arenas where you invest your energies. 
    • Ask Him to help you see how your work can bring Him glory, and that you would enter each day as though working for Him.  
    • Pray for people you know who are looking for work, or who are struggling in their current  vocations and roles. 
    • Pray for those you work with who don’t know Christ. Pray for boldness to bring the hope of the gospel into the vanity they feel in working “under the sun”.