Mission Statement

We exist to make Christ known as we passionately love Him together.


We join with the apostle Paul in believing that THE GOSPEL is a matter of first importance for our daily lives (1 Cor 15:1-4). The Gospel is not simply the message we believe “by which we are saved”, but it is also the reality “in which we stand” in our daily Christian lives. Being centered on the Gospel means living each day in the good of the cross of Jesus Christ, never moving away from its far-reaching implications…

  • The Gospel fuels true humility, because we are reminded of our sin and helplessness apart from Jesus Christ, and how He willingly suffered in our place to pay the penalty we deserved.
  • The Gospel fuels fresh faith for today and tomorrow. As we are daily reminded of God’s willing sacrifice of His own Son for us, then we are reminded of His promise to freely give us all things (Rom 8:32) and His commitment to work for our good in all things (Rom 8:28).
  • The Gospel fuels genuine worship because we are reminded of God’s rich mercy and the undeserved favor He lavished on us. What a great love He has for us, and what a love welling up within us for Him in response!
  • The Gospel fuels genuine holiness because we are reminded of the great price of our sin, and our striving for obedience is not an attempt to earn His love or favor, but rather a reflection of our love for Him.
  • The Gospel fuels true mission because we are reminded of the wonder of what He did for us and we want to hold out the hope of the gospel to others.
Statement of Faith

There are certain beliefs we hold in regards to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, and many other core doctrines.

Biblical Distinctives

Within our commitment to the foundational truths of historical, orthodox Christianity, we at MVCC have certain Biblical Distinctives that may set us apart from other churches. These distinctives, or doctrines, may set us apart in teaching, although hopefully not in spirit, from some of our other brothers and sisters in the Universal Body of Christ.

Leadership Distinctives

Find out more about what we believe when it comes to Church Government, Leadership Accountability, and Leadership Development.

Ministry Distinctives

Find out more about our Ministry Distinctives here at MVCC.

What we believe about Baptism

Baptism is a key step of obedience in the life of every Christian. However, there are often a variety of questions that baptism brings to the surface. What is baptism? Why should I get baptized? Who is baptism for? We answer these questions, and many others, on our baptism page.

Importance of Church Planting

We believe one of the greatest ways to make Christ known is to be very purposeful about the planting and multiplying of healthy, reproducing churches all over the world to the glory of God. This is the biblical blueprint established in the scriptures to fulfill the Great Commission. We want to see the church of Christ grow throughout the world. The only way that the church of Christ is ultimately growing is not when people are transferring from church to church, but when lives are transferred from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of the Beloved Son. We believe that church planting is one of the best ways to see this happen!

Why we believe in plurality

You may notice that we have six pastors listed on our Leadership page. We often get asked “Who is your Lead Pastor?” The answer is, we don’t have one! All six pastors play an equally vital role in the health and leadership of our church. First, we believe that scripturally when pastors, elders, or deacons are mentioned in the New Testament, they’re almost always mentioned in the plural form. This has been a huge blessing to us over the years because it allows the various gifts of the pastor team to shine through not only in decision making but in shepherding our body well. Plurality has also served as protection and accountability for our pastors. By not having one singular voice or personality lead our body, we believe that’s allowed us to really process where the Lord is leading us and protected us from one person being the face or voice of our church.

If you have more questions about plurality or what that looks like a Mountain View, stop by the Connect Table on a Sunday morning to meet one of our pastors!

Are You a New Christian?

If you’re new to faith or investigating what it looks like to follow Jesus, we have a weekly class in the Fall and Spring called Gospel 101. Study through the foundations of the faith and develop a clear understanding of the good news of Jesus. This class will help you develop a foundation of biblical understanding that will set you up for a lifetime of following God.