Crossway Network

Mountain View Community Church not only has a heart to see our community in Fort Collins reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to see a church planting movement that would facilitate the healthy, multiplying churches planted all over the world for the glory of God. We see this as the most healthy form of reaching the world and what we see as God’s design through the book of Acts. As we began to see churches planted, a movement called Crossway Network was birthed. Crossway Network is a church planting organization that plants and supports healthy, reproducing churches and regional networks of churches throughout the world for the glory of God. We share a common heritage, shared commitments, Biblical Distinctives, Ministry Philosophy, and Leadership Culture. This church planting network desires to see healthy, reproducing churches throughout the world for the glory of God. Learn more about church planting at Mountain View.

This network of churches accomplishes its mission by:

  • Sharing church planting resources, experience and gifted individuals
  • Identifying and training church planting leaders and teams
  • Providing ongoing support and equipping among pastors and pastors in training
  • Providing funding for church plants, individuals, strategic projects and facilities

This practically looks like:

  • Constant communication and sharing of knowledge and resources: not a week goes where there is not leaders sharing ideas and helping each other out in other churches.
  • Gathering events to cast vision: at least once a year, the churches in a region get together for a “celebration” event to worship God and be reminded we are part of a greater movement of God beyond just our own churches.
  • Sharing of retreats (men’s, women’s, youth, college)
  • Sharing of ministry curriculum and resources
  • Sharing of people: we send people from our churches to help each other out for short term needs or long term needs.
  • Sharing of money: we also pool some of our money to meet any needs in the other bodies. We have, together with Windsor Community Church, invested in the Wilmington Plant, the Wellington Plant, the building for Johnson City, and more.
  • Pastors in that region get together once every three months for encouragement and learning from each other.
  • Once a year the pastor’s and wives get together for a “Network Huddle” for a time of encouragement and to resource each other.

This network of churches is a huge blessing to both the churches that are part of it and to new church plants. New church plants are able to start with resources and do not have to re-create the wheel. Each church is able to learn and be resourced by the other churches. We believe the Crossway Network will help in the multiplication of churches and provide a lot of encouragement and resources for each other. For more information about Crossway Network of churches, go to

Crossway Network Churches

US Crossway Network Churches:

International Crossway Network Churches:

  • Camino De La Cruz – (Puerto Escondido, Mexico, 2017)
  • Kisha Ungjillore e Vëllezërve Vlorë – (Vlorë, Albania, 2018)
  • Nepal Binay Church – (Pokhara, Nepal – 2010)
  • Nepal Church Plant Chitwan – (Chitwan Province, Nepal, 2023)
  • Maják (Light House) Network: (

Other Networks, Affiliations & Partnerships

At Mountain View Community Church, we seek to partner with other ministries that are serious about the Gospel and church planting. We value learning from others and partnering with others around the Gospel so that we can accomplish more together than we can by ourselves.

The Gospel Coalition

Mountain View Community Church is a regional member of the Gospel Coalition. The Gospel Coalition exists to promote Gospel-Centered ministry.