International Missions

We believe that God’s heart, as revealed through the Bible, has always been for the nations and that people everywhere would call on Him for salvation through Jesus Christ. (Genesis 12:1-3, Psalm 67, John 3:16, Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8 - click here for a list of additional verses).

As God’s heart is for all the nations, we as a local church need to have a heart for all the nations as well. Therefore, we want to strategically focus on being a sending church who invests in indigenous leaders who are establishing local church movements in nations where there is not a healthy, multiplying, indigenous church. We also want to see the Bible translated into the languages of every people group and to reach the unreached people groups of the world with the gospel.

We recently had the privilege of having one of our sent missionaries share about God's work among the nations. Listen below or read the transcript.


Over the years, God has blessed MVCC with a few partnerships that we have invested in heavily. Learn more about these partnerships throughout the world!

Albania flag


In the fall of 2018, Mountain View sent Caleb and Haley Patty to join a church with a church planting vision to reach the young people of their city and plant multiple churches throughout Albania. In addition to supporting and resourcing their work, Mountain View sends teams over the summer to help with English and Sports Camps.

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Czech Republic flag

Czech Republic

MVC has a long history in the Czech Republic. In 2000 we sent our first team over to help out with summer camp. Over the years, we have seen several churches planted, many leaders raised up, and sent many teams and people to serve in this nation.

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Mexico flag


In 2014 a family from Crossway Chapel Wilmington started Global Education Ministries with a vision to start low-cost private schools as a platform to share the gospel. The Manantial School was started in Puerto Escondido, and God has used it substantially to reach students and families with the gospel.

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In 2009, God opened an opportunity for Mountain View Community Church to partner with a small group in Pokhara, Nepal that had just planted a new church named Binay Church. Mountain View provides financial support, training, equipping, and sends teams annually.

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Nexus International

Nexus International

Ashley Denton, who served as a pastor at MVC for 17 years before he was sent to Bozeman, MT to prepare for a future church plant, helped to start a ministry called Nexus International. The vision of Nexus is to develop indigenous leaders who, growing as disciples of Jesus, will establish mission communities to make disciples of young people in their area.

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In the summer of 2019, we had 4 teams visit 3 of our partner churches. Watch the video below to hear how God used them this summer.

Being Sent By Mountain View

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