Nepal flag


In 2009, God opened an opportunity for Mountain View Community Church to partner with a small group in Nepal that had just planted Binay Church. Binay Church is located in the city of Pokhara which has a population of about 400,000. There are now about 100 believers who make up that local body. They also share our passion for church planting and are committed to do so, having already planted another church in the Dhampus Village which now has about 45 members: all of which are new converts!

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and there are many needs among the people. With some regions facing an almost 70% unemployment rate, many young people in particular are disenfranchised with what they see as a hopeless situation. In order to find work, many youth must leave the country, leaving behind their families.

Nepal is a predominantly Hindu country, with only one half of one percent being Christian. In recent years, many young people have found true hope in Christ despite their circumstances and have been responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But as more come to faith in Christ, extreme Hindu radical groups have increased their persecution of the church. Recently two churches were bombed by these radical groups and there is strong pressure to remain Hindu or face persecution.

MVCC’s partnership with Binay Church in Nepal provides some financial resources to support a few of the leaders in the church as well as some help with the cost of renting a facility. But our partnership goes beyond that – we visit them 2 to 4 times a year and provide theological training, pastoral training, youth ministry training, and any other way we can encourage them in their marriages, parenting or just to remain strong in their difficult circumstances.

We are also partnering with various business leaders who are helping to start some businesses that employ Christians in Nepal. These jobs are greatly needed and allow people to stay in Nepal, keeping families together. We feel like our relationship with them is very holistic. It is heavily focused on evangelism and discipleship – providing Biblical training, financial support and trying to help provide opportunities for jobs in this poor region.

Please continue to pray for the church in Nepal and all that God is doing in this country. The light of the Hope of the Gospel shines brightly in hopeless situations and we believe this is an incredible opportunity for the light of Jesus Christ to go forth in Nepal.