What are LifeGroups?

Mountain View exists to make Christ known as we passionately love Him together. What this practically means is that through worship of God, authentic Biblical community, and engaging in mission to those around us, we desire to mature believers in Christ who are rooted in their faith and are using their lives to influence others for God's glory. In other words, our aim is to grow as disciples of Jesus as we help others grow as disciples of Jesus.

LifeGroups are foundational to making disciples at Mountain View. We truly believe that LifeGroups are a place where God can miraculously change lives! Each group typically runs on the academic calendar - they ramp up in August and have a lighter or paused schedule for June-July. In August, we encourage all in our church body who are not currently in healthy discipleship contexts to choose LifeGroups for the year.

Discipleship Groups

Many LifeGroups have Discipleship groups (D-groups) within them. D-groups are made up of 2-5 adults of the same gender and meet about 2 times per month. In D-groups, personal Bible reading, prayer, and holiness are especially pushed into.

Together, we believe that Sunday services, LifeGroups, and D-groups are three foundational ways that together allow us to grow best as disciples of Christ that all lead to gospel influence to others.

LifeGroup Member Expectations

If you are new to LifeGroups MVCC, we hope you feel joyfully welcomed with no expectations as you check out various groups!

For those who have visited the same group two times and want to continue attending as a member, there are two expectations that we ask all members to commit to for the academic year:

1 Regular Attendance

Attending at least 3 out of 4 groups a month between August and May.

2 Active Engagement

Viewing LifeGroup as a place not just to receive, but to give. This is seen through:
- Participating in group discussion
- Helping with the logistical needs of the group
- Seeking to develop true relationship with others in the group

How to Choose a LifeGroup

Take a look at the groups below as you consider these helpful tips. Once you find a group that you’d like to try, fill out the form below and we will get you connected to a group!

Location - Start by looking at LifeGroups in your neighborhood and surrounding area. Proximity will fuel opportunities to be missional and build community. To help find a LifeGroup in your area, we have separated Fort Collins into four quadrants, separated by College and Drake.

Current Relationships - Ask those you know are attending a LifeGroup if you can join them.

Demographics & Focus - LifeGroups are diverse in terms of people/families involved, their focus, and the meeting day and time.

Visit a Few - We encourage you to check out 2 or 3 LifeGroups before deciding where to plug in.

Current LifeGroups

To help find a LifeGroup in your area, we have separated Fort Collins into four quadrants, separated by College and Drake.

Not sure where to start or have questions about LifeGroups? Use the form below to contact us and we will help get you connected!

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Special Emphasis or Beyond Fort Collins

LifeGroup FAQs