Biblical Foundations

What is Biblical Foundations?

Biblical Foundations is designed to be a one-on-one Bible study intended to deepen your love for Jesus Christ by helping ground you in foundational concepts of the Christian faith. It is simply amazing to stop and realize that God has chosen to reveal Himself to us. The Word of God is indeed a wonderful treasure, and as a disciple (follower) of Jesus, you will be growing in your love for Him for the rest of your life as you dive into this treasure. On top of that, God wants to use you to help others grow in their love for Him as well. We hope your investment of studying this material fuels your love for Jesus as well as your passion to give these truths away to someone else!

Getting Started in a Foundations Study

Biblical Foundations is intended as a one-on-one Bible Study and has everything both people need to have to go through the study. The best starting point for beginning a study is through the connections you already have. It is very likely that someone in your LifeGroup, a ministry you serve in, or someone you know in the church would love to go through this material together.

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Studies in Biblical Foundations cover:

  • Growing in God’s Word
  • The Amazing Gift of Salvation
  • The Trustworthiness of God
  • Understanding the Holy Spirit
  • Defining Marks of the Christian Life
  • Plus helpful things such as; a simple and effective devotional tool, preparing and sharing your testimony, and a 28-Day Bible reading plan!

Defining Marks of the Christian Life

  • Encountering Jesus – Each person cultivating daily, life-changing intimacy with the Savior. Read more about Encountering Jesus.
  • Experiencing Biblical Community – Each person experiencing biblical community with others in the body of Christ. Read more about Experiencing Biblical Community.
  • Engaging the World – Each person proactively bringing the Gospel into their sphere of influence with word and action. Read more about Engaging the World.
  • Excelling in Stewardship – Each person using their time, talents, and treasures to further God’s kingdom. Read more about Excelling in Stewardship.
  • Equipped to Multiply – Each person reproducing themselves into others through intentional discipleship and the reproduction of ministries and churches.

Leader Resources

Thank you for stepping out in faith to help lead someone through these Biblical Foundations. You are in for a wonderful journey as you help someone else grow as a disciple of Jesus. This page is intended to help resource you as you share God’s word and your life with this person over the next several weeks. The leader’s guide linked below and these short videos will help you know what to emphasize and will give you suggestions for how to make your time the most impacting.

Foundations Videos


Foundation #1: Growing in God’s Word
Foundation #2: The Amazing Gift of Salvation
Foundation #3: The Trustworthiness of God
Foundation #4: Understanding the Holy Spirit
Foundation #5: Encountering Jesus
Foundation: #6: Experiencing Community
Foundation #7: Engaging the Word
Foundation #8: Excelling in Stewardship
Foundation #9: Equipped to Multiply