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Equip Day – Fall 2022


November 5, 2022 @ 8:30 am 3:00 pm

**Registration is closed for Fall 2022**
Join us as we gather for a day of practical classes that encourage our walk with the Lord. This day is designed to equip the members of Mountain View Community Church with tools to take on various areas of life through a Biblical lens. No matter the season of life you are in, you will be able to find a topic that ministers to you! Some of our classes include:

Session One (9:00am – 10:30am)

  • Stewardship: Foundations of Personal Finance, Budgeting & Generosity – Brian Creencia
    • Let’s take a very practical look at God-honoring personal finance practices emphasizing budgeting and generosity. We will also touch on ways to prepare for the unexpected and debt management.
  • The Method of Jesus – Brent Bovitz/Melissa Delgardno
    • Have you ever been stumped on how to help a friend or family member move forward in their spiritual journey? Come learn together what it could look like for you to intentionally do ministry the way Jesus did. Having a prior knowledge of Full Spectrum Ministry can be helpful
  • Should I Stay Single? – Adam Bailey
    • The bible highly values the God-given gift of singleness as a means by which believers are likely going to be more effective for the Kingdom. The idea of this class is to understand the biblical justification and (arguably) the prioritization for singleness, have attendees consider whether that might be consistent with their calling, and think through how they might use their singleness in greater ways for God’s glory.
  • Rise of the Fractured Self – Josh Elgard
    • How has the modern individual become so inordinately fractured–spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially? Answering this question requires a fundamental understanding the broader historical and philosophical developments of past few hundred years. This class is intended as a primer toward that end.
  • Habits, Addictions & Hope – Nick Cistola
    • God designed humans to be habitual beings. Yet, some of the biggest struggles in our lives and the lives of our loved ones are addictions and destructive habits. In this class we will unpack some of how the Lord talks about addictive struggles and how the gospel practically meets us in our addictions.
  • What to Watch – Aaron LeDuc
    • We live in a world that is full of options, especially in regards to the amount of visual media that’s available to us. As Christians, we should not be simply mindlessly consuming this content. Rather, we should be able to wisely understand, critique, and make a decision whether or not to thoughtfully engage. Spend some time developing practices and skills to judge the media we consume so you can decide whether to start that next episode on Netflix.
  • Parenting Teens – Kevin and Susan Wolfe
    • Sharpen your vision for parenting teenagers through these critical years as you gain practical tools for shepherding your teen’s heart.

Session Two (10:45am – 12:15pm)

  • Life and Death Planning – John Kuddes
    • Life Planning: Documenting, Titling, Organizing and Preserving assets. Death Planning: Trusts, Wills, Beneficiary Designations, TODs, and POAs. Common misconceptions and legal implications that you don’t know and will surprise you!
  • Cultivating Dependence Through Prayer – Dan Pourbaix
    • A life of depending on the Lord is fostered by a life of prayer. In this class we will look at what the Bible says about depending on the Lord, about seeking Him through prayer and look at examples of prayer in the Bible. We will also take time to learn a method to help fuel your daily prayer life.
  • Biblical Grandparenting – Greg Yancey
    • God has intentionally created a multigenerational family blueprint and grandparents play an important role in this design, especially being “a key disciple-making influence” in the lives of their grandchildren
  • The Problem of Christian Knowledge – Josh Elgard
    • It’s one thing to claim Christian faith; it’s another, according to secularism, to assert Christian knowledge. Yet, why is the former acceptable and the latter not? The answer lies in what knowledge constitutes and the authority it confers–something which the godless collective is desperate to monopolize.
  • Love and Guilt – Nick Cistola
    • If God loves me and has forgiven me, why do I still feel guilty and how do I know when guilt is a good thing or a bad thing? This class unpacks the concept of feeling guilty and how to think and work through it with the Lord.
  • Marriage Tune-Up – Aaron and Karla LeDuc
    • It’s always worthwhile to invest in your marriage! During this time we’ll be reminded of the goal of marriage, and have some open discussion about your current struggles. We will also work on the practical skills of communication and conflict resolution to help bring about marriages that thrive.
  • Church Planting – Kevin Wolfe and Adam Bailey
    • Dive into the logistics of what it looks like to plant a church for the Kingdom of God!

Session Three (1:30pm – 3:00pm)

  • Asset, Risk and Legacy Planning – John Kuddes
    • Asset and Risk Planning: Saving, Growing and Preserving what you earn or inherit Legacy Planning: Blessed to be a Blessing…charitable self actualization. What you want to know about prudent stewardship of God’s rich blessings.
  • Suffering Well in a Season of Silence and Waiting – Dave and Emily Young
    • Have you found yourself in a season of waiting? trying to balance the fine line of longing and contentment? Have you been begging the Lord for something only to be met with silence? We have helpful tips as to how to walk this season well!
  • Cultivating Compassion – Greg Yancey
    • Cultivating compassion requires learning to be present, learning to listen and learning to notice. Encountering our suffering neighbor is where we most meet Christ.
  • Caring for Your Aging Parents – Kevin Wolfe, Cynthia Jensen, Adreanne Brungardt
    • As our parents get older, what does Scripture say about caring for those who raised us?
  • Mental Health and Christianity – Nick Cistola
    • What does the Bible have to say about mental health? Mental health is a central topic of modern conversations, relationships, and experiences for most people including christians. In this class we will unpack some biblical paradigms of the intersections of mental health, the gospel, and the human experience.
  • The Gospel Story in a Time of Culture Wars – Aaron LeDuc
    • Culture wars over world views, politics, and even our sexuality seem to claim every aspect of our lives, and another story is needed. This session will explore how cultural narratives have begun to intertwine with our identities leading to isolation and exhaustion. Then we will see how the Gospel differs from the stories our world tells us, and how it ultimately answers the longings that are being held captive by our culture.
  • Resurrection Apologetics – Chris Mitchell
    • The resurrection of Jesus Christ is central to the Gospel and arguably the greatest miracle recorded in the Bible. However, if the resurrection didn’t happen, Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15 that we are “to be pitied” and our “faith is in vain.” But, if the resurrection did happen, it is easy to believe all of the other supernatural claims the Bible makes… and we can reasonably place our faith in God. God, in His great mercy, has given us ample evidence for the resurrection… breadcrumbs to follow so that we can have confidence that Jesus actually did both die and then rise from the grave.
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