Thank you for gathering today to watch our live online church service! We livestream our 9:45am service each Sunday (the service is approximately 1 hour long). Tuning in late? The replay will be available below shortly after the livestream ends. You can watch previous sermons on our resources page.

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Service Resources

Discussion Questions
  • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
  • Are you willing to be bothered by the oppression you see around you in the world? Is there anything that is dulling your compassion for the hurting and broken? Anything keeping you from comforting their tears as you are able?  
  • In what ways do you measure yourself against others? And how does that comparison lead to restless activity rather than restful contentment? 
  • Are you moving toward others in the isolation you feel? Is the fear of being known or hurt or rejected keeping you isolated? Are you moving toward those who seem to be isolated and alone?
Prayer Items
  • Take some time to thank God that we don’t have to live life “under the sun”.  Praise Him as the creator and sustainer of life, thank Him for saving you from your sin, and worship Him for the hope of eternal life and the coming glory of His kingdom. 
  • Take some to lament the oppression in the world around us. Ask God for meaningful ways to bring gospel hope and change into that pain. 
  • Ask God for a peaceful and content heart in the midst of an envious age. Ask Him to reveal any ways that you are striving for more because of comparing yourself to those around you. 
  • Thank God for the gift of community and the blessings of being in His family. Pray for those around you who are isolated and alone, and ask God how He wants you to move toward them. 
  • Pray for boldness to use all of these topics as a way to engage the brokenness of those around you and bring the hope of the gospel into their lives.

Helpful Tips for Worshiping from Home

Getting the Most out of Worship at Home

Designate a Leader

Choose a leader to lead you through the discussion questions and prayer points provided after the service. For those households with fathers/husbands, we would encourage them to take the lead for their families.

Minimize Distractions

Pick a time and place where distractions will be minimized. We are being constantly bombarded by news and media, which makes it so important to take a break and focus our undivided attention on the Lord. Put away phones and any other distractions.

Discuss and pray with others

If you are alone or would like to combine with a few others in the church family for the prayer and discussion portion, we would encourage you to do so! Pick a time with a few others where you go through the first part of the Sunday gathering online. Once you finish the sermon video, video chat with others where you can discuss and pray together. If you want to do this with others but do not have the connections in the church family to do so, please fill out the following form and we will help connect you with others.

Worshiping with Kids?

We know that worshiping at home with your kids can be challenging, but we also believe it can be really sweet. Our families will remember this season the rest of their lives. Each week we send resources to parents to help facilitate worship at home with your children. If you would like to receive these resources each week, contact us and we will add you to our list. Here are some resources to help: