Managed Missions Giving Instructions

Mountain View Community Church uses an online software called ManagedMissions for donations to support our short-term Missions Trips and our Residency program. This page includes the instructions to donate through ManagedMissions.

You can give a one-time gift or setup monthly recurring donations on ManagedMissions. You can give your donation by Credit Card or through your Bank Account (ACH). The videos below will provide instructions for setting up and managing your donation. There are also detailed instructions below.

How to set up giving with a BANK ACCOUNT
How to set up giving with a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD
How to set up a ManagedMissions account
How to edit or cancel recurring giving

Setting Up Your Donation

You should have received a link to a webpage with information about the Missions Trip or Residency program. On that webpage you will see a link to donate. Clicking that link will bring you to the ManagedMissions Donation page. See the sample image below.

  • Select the Participant of the Missions Trip or the Resident you would like your donation credited to the fundraising efforts of.
  • Complete the fields in the My Info section.
  • Complete the fields in the Donation Info section. Here you can enter the amount you wish to give along with the frequency (One-Time, Weekly, Every 2 Weeks, Monthly). You will also select the start date for your donation.
    • Note: Recurring payments will automatically continue until the month after the Mission Trip or Residency Program you are supporting ends. You will be emailed a link to edit your recurring payments.
  • Click the button “Next: Payment Method”
  • This will bring up the following screen to select to donate through Debit/Credit Card or through Bank Account.

Donating By Debit/Credit Card

  • Complete the fields on the Debit/Credit Card Details screen. A sample image of this is shown below.
  • Your donation will be processed immediately and will be credited to the Trip Members/Residents fundraising efforts.
  • You will be asked if you would like to donate an additional amount to help cover the Debit Card / Credit Card processing fees*
  • Click the button “Donate $###”

Donating By Bank Account (ACH)

Verifying Your Bank Account

  • Before you will be able to give through your Bank Account, you will need to complete the verification process. The verification process ensures that you have entered your bank account information correctly and that your bank account is setup correctly. The verification process is:
    1. 1. Enter bank account information on the Bank Account Setup screen. A sample image of this is shown below.
    2. 2. Wait 2-3 days for microdeposits to appear on your online statement of your bank account.
    3. 3. Enter microdeposit amounts on ManagedMissions to confirm account.
  • Note that your donation HAS NOT been made at this point. You will need to complete the Bank Verification Process prior to being able to make a donation through your Bank Account.
  • Once you have entered the information in the Bank Account Setup screen and click “Save & Next”, you will see the following confirmation.
  • Immediately following the above step, ManagedMissions will send an email with information to complete your Bank Account setup.

Completing the Verification Process for your Bank Account

  • About three days later, you should receive a Bank Account Setup Reminder email. This email will contain a link to return to the ManagedMissions website. You will need to go in and verify the account by following the instructions given when you arrive at the page. You will need to have the amounts of the microdeposits into your Bank Account to complete the Verification Process.
  • Once you have completed Bank Account Verification process, you should be ready to donate through your Bank Account and will be sent a “Login Link” email. This will bring you to your ManagedMissions account and allow you to give to the Missions Trip or Residency program.

*Regardless of how a person pays (Debit Card, Credit Card, Bank Account (ACH), or personal check), the trip member / resident will be credited the full donation amount toward their fundraising efforts.