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Crew is a high school ministry in Fort Collins, Colorado that aims to create a disciple making community where any student can learn more about who Jesus is and what it looks like to follow him. At Crew, we desire to foster an environment of love and relational connection for any High School student no matter where they are at in their relationship with God.

Worship. Friendship. Discipleship.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where does Crew meet?

We meet every Wednesday from 7-9 pm at Mountain View Church (2330 East Prospect Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525). We love spending time together so feel free to show up early and stay late.

What do weekly gatherings look like?

Our Wednesday nights start with fellowship, snacks, and games. We love hanging out together and want you to get to catch up with friends. Then, we gather for worship in the Box followed by a sermon from one of our leaders. We wrap up with LifeGroups and prayer. Students are welcome to stay and hang out after Crew!

How do you disciple students?


Everyone that attends our weekly Wednesday evening gatherings will join a LifeGroup to relationally connect with other students from different schools and grades from around the city to engage your minds and hearts in discussions about God.

LifeGroups are smaller groups (10-15 people) that everyone in the community will be a part of. Our LifeGroups are what make Crew special and is a place where any High School student, no matter what you believe in, will be met with love, encouragement, and challenge.

LifeGroups meet every Wednesday night during our weekly gatherings to discuss the teaching along with having opportunities to serve the city together. They will at times also gather together outside of the normal Wednesday nights to hang out and relationally connect.


DGroups are Bible studies made up of a smaller group of same gender students (6 max) who desire a more intimate and deeper connection that a Lifegroup is not able to foster. It’s a weekly meeting outside of our Wednesday night gatherings where a group of students and a leader gather to learn and apply God’s word to their lives, pray for one another, and together learn more of what it looks like to live a life as an obedient disciple of Jesus.

Bible studies meet at random times throughout the week, lead by 1-2 Crew adult leaders and are formed by relational connection. They are not a requirement to be a part of this community yet you must first be in a LifeGroup in order to join a Bible Study.

What do you talk about at Crew?

We typically follow passages from the Bible or go through books of the Bible, and learn how those practically apply to our lives. We occasionally go through important social topics like gender and sexuality, technology and relationships. Sign up for Jordan’s weekly email at the bottom of this page for more details on what we’re currently going over or listen to our Crew talks at the button below.

What are practical ways you carry out your mission?

We love pouring into the Word of God together, but we also believe that it’s important to bring the gospel outside of the church. We do this through summer mission trips to places like Tacoma, Washington where we help with summer camps, we take backpacking trips together, and we believe having good relationship inside school districts is huge. We want to equip our young people to carry the gospel with them wherever they go!

What does summer look like?

We know summer can be a busy time for most families. We do, however, continue with our weekly Crews! They vary in time and location, but we want to continue to be in community to encourage and challenge each other. Be sure you check our events page above for more details on summer Crew dates and times.

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