We believe God is worthy of the best of our lives, our creativity, and our music. We believe that God has designed the gathered singing of His people to be a central piece of the life of His church. Therefore, we have a lot going on in the worship ministry throughout the year. Below are some frequently asked questions about worship at Mountain View!

What worship songs are sung on Sundays?

We sing worship songs from many places, that cover many genres, that praise God for His many attributes, that reflect many seasons, that hopefully lead to worship sets that proclaim the good news of the gospel. Many of our songs you might be familiar with, and many you might have never heard before. Check out this Spotify playlist that has many of the songs that we sing!

Do you write your own music?

Yes! Occasionally, we write songs that we sing at our church. We have also recorded and released two EP’s. The first is New Exodus Collective Vol 1., which is a collection of songs written by students in the college ministry. Second, is Saints and Sinners Vol 1., which is a collection of songs written and recorded by different worship leaders in Crossway network (one of them being Nick, the Worship Director here at Mountain View). Check out the songs below!

Here is a live recording video from New Exodus Collective.

Are there any special worship events at Mountain View?

Biennially, we host a musical worship conference called Develop. This conference is designed to help worship musicians develop their skills in a practical way to bless the church, and give God the best of our hearts and skills. The next conference is scheduled for 2024 and more information will be available in 2023. Go to mvccdevelop.com to find out more about the previous conference and watch this video from Develop 2022!

How do I get involved in worship ministry?

We have the conviction and the luxury to be a volunteer based ministry led by people in our church family. Therefore, the best first step is to get plugged in at Mountain View. A great way to start is by joining a LifeGroup and taking our Biblical Distinctives class. If you are a musician, contact us because we would love to meet you, hear your story, and share more information on the audition process for joining the team.

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Are there any internships, training programs, or vocational opportunities?

Yes! We are currently looking for a College Ministry Worship Resident and a Student Ministries Worship Resident. For more information, see the webpage below.