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    Join us as we dive deep into the word of the Lord! We pray that this study draws your heart closer to God and His promises in the books of 1 and 2 Timothy.

    This is where you can find all the resources for our inductive study through 1 & 2 Timothy. There will be new content added weekly to aid you in your study. 

    Preparation and Resources

    Use each of these resources as help you prepare for our 1st & 2nd Timothy study!

    Week 1: Overview of 1 Timothy

    1 Timothy Overview Study Guide
    This initial study guide is for the purpose of gaining a big-picture understanding
    of 1 Timothy before we start studying chapter by chapter. We’ll discuss the
    overview as a large group during our first meeting. To prepare, read all of 1
    Timothy in several sittings; reading it multiple times is even better. Listening is
    also very helpful, and you can do this through

    1) What clues are there about the author and his circumstances? Reference Acts 16
    for more insight.
    2) What can you learn about Timothy and his situation, culture, and church?
    3) What jumps out at you as you read this letter? What major themes do you
    discover through repeated words, phrases, images, or patterns?

    4) How would you concisely articulate the main idea or meaning of 1 Timothy?
    5) How does 1 Timothy fit into the storyline of redemption in the Bible?
    6) What would you say, in one sentence each, if someone asked you what 1
    Timothy communicates about:
    – God the Father?
    – Jesus?
    – the Holy Spirit?
    – the Church?

    7) As you reflect on 1 Timothy, what has God revealed to you personally? Was
    there anything new, different, or impactful that God showed you?
    8) What questions has reading 1 Timothy raised for you? Are there concerns that you
    are tempted to skip over or minimize?
    9) Think about what is going on in your life and what this semester holds. Are there any specific areas of life or circumstances that you think God wants to speak into as you study 1 Timothy?

    Week 2: 1 Timothy 1

    Please take a look at both of these resources to prepare for this week’s study!

    Tim Keller Article:
    Bible Project video:

    Week 3: 1 Timothy 2

    Coming soon!

    Week 4: 1 Timothy 3

    Coming soon!

    Week 5: 1 Timothy 4

    Coming soon!

    Week 6: 1 Timothy 5

    Coming soon!

    Week 7: 1 Timothy 6

    Coming soon!