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  • HS Crew in December 12/09/20
  • HS Crew in December 12/09/20

    Hey Crew Community! I so badly wish we could meet together right now. But in light of the rising cases of COVID recently and our desire to keep everyone as safe as possible we have decided to hold off meeting all together for this month. Please watch the short video below from Brent reading what you can expect Crew to look like for the rest of the year:

    How can I read and study my Bible in a meaningful way that could lead to life transformation? Inductive Bible Study

    What is the Inductive Bible Study Method?

    1. Pray – Ask God to give you insight and understanding of what He’s saying through His word.
    2. Observation:
      • Read the passage at least 2x, ask general questions like Who, What, When, and Where.
      • Look for repeated words or phrases and note them.
      • Take notes throughout the entire process.
    3. Interpretation:
      • Write down questions you have regarding the passage that don’t seem to have a clear answer immediately. Ask “Why” questions and questions like, “What insights are the passage giving me into God’s/Jesus’ Character, Gospel, or Mission?”
      • Note what’s clear and unclear to you
      • Look at the paragraphs around the passage you’re reading to see if they help you gain understanding.
      • Try to figure out what the meaning or main point of the passage is after taking time to Observe and Interpret.
    4. Application:
      • This part is IMPORTANT and is where you invite God into the process of transforming your life to look more like Jesus’.
      • Ask yourself, “In light of what this passage means, how might God be calling me to live differently? OR What simple step of obedience is God asking me to take this week?
      • Make SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
    5. Pray

    Click HERE for the Crew reading plan for the second half of December and the first half of January. Love you all and praying for all of us to fall more in love with Jesus this season.