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  • Only 3 More!! – Crew 4/29/20
  • Only 3 More!! – Crew 4/29/20

    It’s almost hard to believe, but we only have 3 more Crews, counting this week, left in the Spring Semester. It has gone way too fast! Since we only have 3 all Crew gatherings as a community left this semester join us at 7:00 pm Wed. 29th. Feel free to join 10 min before if you desire to hang out and chat with everyone for a bit.

    • Click HERE for the Zoom link to join
    • Don’t forget, one of your Lifegroup leaders will send you an additional Zoom link to meet as a lifegroup directly following our time together. Keep an eye out for the link!

    I encourage all of you to invite one friend to join you for LifeGroup and the all Crew gathering. See you all very soon!=)