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  • Bible Reading Plan for MVC-March-May
  • Bible Reading Plan for MVC-March-May

    We believe that during this time of social distancing it would be encouraging and unifying to be in the Word together as a church family. We are providing a 40 day (5 days per week) Reading Plan and encourage everyone to go through it – adults, students, and children. This will give a common experience so that as we connect together and can share with one another what God is teaching us. The MVC student ministries will also be encouraging students to do this so that families can have common ground for conversation around the Word. We are really excited for the fruit in our lives and the unity this can provide for us as individual families and as church family as well!

    We will primarily study through books of the New Testament together, taking a chapter a day. We will also provide some additional resources around each book to help you go deeper in understanding of the Word. We would also encourage you to not only read the chapter but do a SOAP Devotional. This helps to get beyond just reading the Word to allowing the Word to transform us. If you have not done a SOAP Devotional, there are some resources to help you below.

    How to do a SOAP Devotional: 

    Bible Resources:

    Reading Plan for Monday May 16th – Friday May 22nd

    2 Peter

    Reading Plan for Monday May 11th – Friday May 15th  

    1 Thessalonians

    We will take the next week to have our faith fueled by the book of 1 Thessalonians.  This is a great book to help us in our suffering to walk in faith, holiness, and generosity.  Great themes for where we find ourselves in this season!  

    Reading Plan for Thursday April 30th – Friday May 8th  

    Psalms and Colossians

    We will take the next week to focus our eyes on the goodness and character of God.   The Psalms will lead us beyond what we feel to what is real.  The book of Colossians will help us to see Jesus accurately and encourage us in living out the reality of the Gospel as we worship Him appropriately.   It is a great book to help us remember who we are in Christ!

    Reading Plan for Friday, April 24th – Wednesday, April 29th  

    Matthew Chapter 4-7

    We will take the next 5 days to look at the Gospel of Matthew and study through the Sermon on the Mount.  The first day will be learning how Jesus responded to temptation before teaching His longest recorded sermon on His upside down Kingdom!

    Reading Plan for Wednesday, April 15th – Thursday, April 23rd 

    Psalms and the book of 1 Peter

    We will bookend our next 7 days in the reading plan with the Psalms. The Psalms meet us where we are at… but take us to where we need to go! Psalms are a great place to worship God during this season. The book of 1 Peter will help us to know how the power of the resurrection helps us in our trials and hardships or today!  Enjoy!!

    Reading Plan for Friday April 3rd – Tuesday April 14th

    Gospel of John

    We will be in the Gospel of John as we prepare our hearts going into Passion Week. Take a look at the resources below to help you gain a greater understanding of the context of John.

    Reading Plan for Monday, March 30th – Thursday, April 2nd


    As we begin this week in Philippians, please take a look at these two videos that will help you to get the most out of reading and studying this amazing book.