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  • Bible Reading Plan for MVC-May-July
  • Bible Reading Plan for MVC-May-July

    We believe that during this time of social distancing it would be encouraging and unifying to be in the Word together as a church family. We are providing a 40 day (5 days per week) Reading Plan and encourage everyone to go through it – adults, students, and children. This will give a common experience so that as we connect together and can share with one another what God is teaching us. The MVC student ministries will also be encouraging students to do this so that families can have common ground for conversation around the Word. We are really excited for the fruit in our lives and the unity this can provide for us as individual families and as church family as well!

    Click the button below to download the 40-day reading plan for May 25th to July 17th. Below you will find resources to help you in your Bible reading and resources for children’s reading plans.

    Helpful Resources for our Bible Reading Plan

    Bible Project Overview Videos

    Our 40-Day Bible Reading Plan will take you through several books of the Bible. When starting a new book take a few minutes to first watch the BibleProject overview video for that book. Head to the Bible Project website ( and scroll down or use a filter to find the Old Testament or New Testament book we will be reading. Each video is around 7-10 minutes and will give you a great understanding of the overall story of the book and the context as you read through the book.

    How to do a SOAP Devotional

    We would also encourage you to not only read the chapter but do a SOAP Devotional. This helps to get beyond just reading the Word to allowing the Word to transform us. If you have not done a SOAP Devotional, there are some resources to help you below.

    Bible Resources

    Resources for Children’s Bible Reading