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  • October Building Update

    October 13th Update on Steel – Steel for the sanctuary has been delayed again and we are now anticipating it arriving in late October or early November, although our contractor is still working to firm up the timeline. Steel is one of the materials that has been impacted by the global supply shortages and unfortunately that is trickling down to our project. Our contractor is working diligently with our fabricator to get the steel in as quickly as they can and to find creative solutions to minimize the impact to the project timeline. However, the delay in steel will mean a delay in the building being completed. At this point, we would anticipate a 1-2 month delay in the completion of the building but won’t have too firm of a date until the steel arrives. This has allowed our contractor to get ahead in the other areas of the building so that they can focus as much as possible on the Sanctuary when they are finishing that out and maybe pick up some time on the back end.

    This is a great opportunity to continue praying for the project and specifically that our steel would arrive over the next couple of weeks and that we would not have further delays. In any case, we trust that God is in control over this and the project timeline and are excited for the ways He will continue to use this project, and the building once completed, to advance the Gospel.

    Construction at the new building is moving right along! We continue to be so grateful for the team we have involved in the project – our contractor, architect, neighbors and many from the body who are using their talents and skills to help make this project a success! The project is by no means perfect, but I also couldn’t imagine God providing a much better team for us than He has!

    Over the last couple of months a ton of work has been completed! The building is really starting to take shape and it’s fun to start imagining us using the space! The children’s ministry area is mostly drywalled in. Parts of the commons, kitchen, lounge and box are framed in and taking shape. It’s hard to even remember what the building was like just 4 months ago when the project started. It doesn’t seem like the same building.

    One of the things we have been tracking since the start of the project was steel for the sanctuary. Due to shortages in supply and labor we knew steel would arrive later than we would have hoped for in the original timeline. While originally we were planning to have steel about a month ago, we’ve been anticipating for several months that the steel for the sanctuary would start to show up over the first 10 days of October. There are a lot of logistics that our contractor and steel supplier are finalizing to get the steel to the site. Our contractor has worked hard to re-work the schedule to make the impact of the delay in steel as minimal as possible. We are still tracking for the project to finish in April, but the next few weeks will determine a lot with the timeline – getting our steel, erecting it, and getting the sanctuary dried-in over the next several weeks will be important for maintaining the timeline.

    Financially, the project is currently on budget and projected to finish on budget. For every project, the contractor will require a set contingency fund to be available for unknown costs or changes that become necessary as the project progresses. We have several items that have been covered by our contingency funds as we open walls, work through the specifics of the plans and the existing conditions but have avoided larger unknown expenses to this point. Basecamp giving as a whole is slightly ahead of pace from what was communicated via commitment cards and changes along the way. Thank you for your generous giving toward the building campaign! God has continued to provide for this project in so many ways!

    If you have questions about the new building or would like to get involved in the building campaign, please contact Dan Pourbaix.

    Prayer Requests

    • Pray that God would continue to provide financially for the project by keeping us on budget, providing through the building campaign, and continuing to provide for our church in the many ways He does!
    • Pray for wisdom as we are actively negotiating with potential buyers for both Remington and Whedbee. Selling both buildings would be helpful financially as we transition to the new building.
    • Pray that the building would continue to progress on the current timeline, particularly over the next several weeks as we try to get the sanctuary up and dried in. Ultimately, we want to trust God’s timing and align our desires to His.
    • Praise the Lord for His provision of everyone involved in this project – several in the body have given their time and expertise in helping us manage/oversee this project and make decisions. Our contractor and architect team (and their subs) have been great to work with and are working very hard to keep our project on pace and make it a success. Even our neighbors in the business park have been so flexible and understanding! We are so grateful for everyone involved!
    • Pray for the continued safety of all involved.
    • Pray that God would use this project as a way to draw to Himself those who don’t yet know Him.
    • Pray for wisdom with decisions that need to be made by our staff, contractor and architect and that our decisions would honor Him.

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