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  • February Building Update

    The building is really starting to take shape! The new construction areas (sanctuary and part of the commons) are all substantially dried-in which means that weather should have a minimal impact on completing the interior from here on out. That is a significant milestone in this process! It also means that most of our contractors attention now can shift to focusing on completing these areas.

    Several spaces in the building are getting close to being completed! The children’s area is painted and the rooms are carpeted. Bathrooms are mostly tiled, have sinks installed and are nearing completion. The kitchen cabinets are installed as well as the coffee serving stations. It is exciting to see these spaces get close to completion.

    There is still a lot of work to be done on the inside to finish areas and to ready the sanctuary for services to begin there. There is also a significant amount of exterior work to be done, most of which is scheduled for later in the project once it warms up and as heavy equipment is no longer needed in areas. We are not out of the woods for potential delays, but we are past the potential issues of some of the possibilities and the end is in sight. We are still on pace for construction to be completed sometime in June.

    One significant area of praise is God’s provision in selling our Remington and Whedbee buildings in the past 5 weeks! This is bittersweet for sure as many of us have memories of these spaces and how God has used these buildings to serve each of us and the ministries at Mountain View. Yet at the same time, the sale of both of these buildings is significant for paying down our debt on the new building and will significantly reduce the monthly cost of our mortgage. We are also so grateful that both buildings will continue to be used for ministry purposes (a house of prayer and a church).

    Continue praying for safety for all involved in the project. Pray for wisdom for our team that is involved with decisions that need to be made. Pray that God would continue to use this project and our witness to those working on it and in our “neighborhood” to bring glory to His name and to create opportunities to proclaim the hope of the gospel!