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  • Inviting those you love to Christmas Eve Services
  • Inviting those you love to Christmas Eve Services

    Christmas is a great time to reach out to those you love who God has put in your life in your neighborhood, workplace, etc.  Christmas seems to removes barriers of inviting people to church or into your home socially.  This Christmas season, can I encourage you to do two things:

    1)  Invite someone to our Christmas Eve services 
    2)  Host a Christmas/New Year’s gathering – simply invite people into your home and invite others from the church body to join you (reach out in community).
    Both of these are easy steps to connect with people and open up doors where you can share the Love of Christ to those you love and care for.
    We have provided different ways to assist you in inviting people to the Christmas Eve services:

    1)  Pick up an invite card at Mountain View and hand deliver it 
    2)  Go to the website and send out an e-invite.  All you need to know is their email address.  Once you fill out the form, it will email your friend/family member a nice invitation with all the details. 
    3)  Invite via Facebook event.  Simply go the below link and invite all your “friends” to come.  You can find it here:  
    (You can click on “Invite Friends” to find friends you would like to invite)

    Hope you have a wonderful – Christ exalting Christmas where you can hold out the hope of the World – Jesus – to those around you!