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    Thank you so much for lifting up the people of Nepal in your prayers. We have been seeing a lot of Nepal over the past few days traveling around from village to village.  Today at 12:35pm as we were driving through one village a 2 story brick house started to sway and then the shaking began… another earthquake!  People were running and fortunately it seems that most people were able to get out of houses in time. Several buildings in Kathmandu collapsed and there were more injuries and deaths from collapsing buildings.

    We were able to deliver a bunch of medical supplies to Trisuli village… this village had a lot of damaged houses and will be a focus for Binay Church in their inventory of needs. They plan to buy tin roof material in the coming days before the monsoon rains really kick in. The other focus villages for them look like they will be Dhading, and Gorkha. They are focusing where they have relationships with other churches in villages that had significant damage. In a poor country like Nepal, the leaders here say that this probably set the country back decades in terms of housing and infrastructure.

    We pray for the outpouring of God’s resources to not only help with the physical needs but to give the church an even greater platform here to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in the midst of the hopeless worldviews of Hinduism and Buddhism. Pictures below are from today’s visits to various villages. 

    Here is an article from one of the hardest hit areas in Nepal – Nepal quake: ‘I feel like a body without a soul’. These stories move us to prayer for the Gospel to reach this wonderful nation of people who are mostly unaware of God’s love and the hope they can have in Jesus.