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  • Nepal Team Update – January 11th
  • Nepal Team Update – January 11th

    We have been so blessed on this trip! We had an amazing time in Gorkha. The school was so welcoming and we all taught several different grades of students. We developed relationships and many of us were asked to teach full time by the school! They were so grateful for us coming. We had Young Life club and we were able to invite several students to club. So great to see Hindu students hear Amber’s story and to be able to share the Gospel to them. We had one young man that Eric connected with that is very interested in becoming a christian.

    We were able to go to Binay church in Gorhka. So many amazing stories of God’s faithfulness to the believers there. We met the first believer in the area and prayed with him. We met and prayed with several pastors and leaders from the area. Amazing everyone we saw in the whole valley would say Jamashe (the Christian greeting) to us. We heard stories of healing and powerful stories of sacrifice and dedication in their lives. Such a blessing to worship with them and help update the church. 

    Today we visited the slums where Paul and several others are tutoring students who are not able to go to school. We played with the children in the slums and then got to have tea with Paul, Shanti, Hom and Manu, such a great time! We also spent time with Chitra and saw more pictures and stories from the Chepang Village. 

    There is so much to be done here in Nepal. So many opportunities to serve and love people. I don’t think anyone on our team wants to go home. We have been so encouraged and blessed. We have a closing time with the elders tomorrow and some of the Binay youth. We will see a missionary friend of mine in Kathmandu on Wednesday

    We would love prayer for our final days and for travel mercies as we head home. We are all pretty tired and some of us are starting to get a little sick. I wish I could share more of what God is doing here – but I hope this update give you a taste of it. Things have been busy and internet has been very limited between shortage of electricity and shortage of gas to run the generators.