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  • Redemption Church Update!

    Last Saturday we met at the Chilson Recreation Center in downtown Loveland. In attendance were about 25 adults and 15 kids! We enjoyed some time of worship together and as a leadership team we shared what we feel God has in store for Redemption Church in the coming weeks and months. So grateful God is the Head of His church and what a profound privilege it is to participate in what He is doing!

    From the early stages of this process, we believed God was calling us to take a somewhat slower approach to a Sunday morning corporate gathering in Loveland. There are a couple of main reasons for this:

    • Due to the proximity to Fort Collins, we want to avoid the feeling that we are merely starting a “service” in Loveland on Sunday morning.  Planting a church is akin to enlisting in a missionary team and we want the full benefit of cultivating that mentality and we believe starting a full fledged Sunday morning service too early could hinder that.  
    • Organizing, administrating and leading a Sunday morning service requires a lot of energy and resources.  Additionally, it can quickly require a permanent facility which can be expensive.  We want to be cautious with taking these steps too quickly and believe making small groups a focal point for the initial 3-6 months will allow us to cultivate biblical community and foster an environment where each person is seeking to make disciples and not merely looking to a Sunday morning gathering to do that. 

    However, the more we have prayed and discussed this as a leadership team the more we have felt the need to begin to meet sooner than later as a church in Loveland. The longer we try to build community and identity inLoveland as Redemption Church, while corporately gathering in Fort Collins, the more it stands to diminish the identity and momentum we are seeking to create.  

    As a result, in May we will meet corporately on the 3rd and 5th Sundays of month, likely in a home or possibly at the Chilson Center. We will pray together, partake in communion together, worship in song and preach God’s Word!  

    We will then officially launch from MVCC on June 7th and start meeting together Sunday the 14th and all the subsequent Sunday’s until the Lord returns 🙂 . We will gather every Sunday morning in homes and/or at the Chilson Center over the summer months.  Near the end of the summer we will assess where the Lord has us and determine if we need to move to a more suitable facility to launch a public Sunday service.  We desire to be in step with the Holy Spirit, and trust He will guide us through prayer, counsel, and changing circumstances.  

    Our prayer and goal is to have 5-6 ReGroups (small group gatherings) before launching an official Sunday morning service.  This will enable us to effectively assimilate new people into groups as God grows His church.