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    Interested in pursing full-time ministry but don’t know where to start? At Mountain View, we want to train and equip people who feel called to a lifetime of fruitful, gospel-centered ministry in God’s kingdom. We currently have the below residency positions open!

    Student Ministries Resident
    Equipping the next generation of believers with truth of the Gospel is one of the pillars of Mountain View. We have Middle School, High School, and College Residents who meet with students on a regular basis and help them grow into who God made them to be.

    Worship Resident
    Our Worship Residency exists to develop future worship leaders in their practical worship leading skills to flourish praise among the people of God. There is no better way to learn the practical aspects of musicianship, shepherding leadership, service planning, and christian artistry, than in an intensive environment that gives opportunity and oversight.

    Church Planting Resident
    We want to see churches planted over the next 10 years that proclaim the name of Jesus. Whether that’s in Colorado or beyond, we believe that the Lord has called us to train and encourage church planters. If you feel called to plant a church with Mountain View, our residency program may be a perfect fit for you!