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  • “The Personality of Jesus” – New Book from Ashley Denton
  • “The Personality of Jesus” – New Book from Ashley Denton

    Pastor Ashley Denton has revised and released a new book that is an evangelistic book that helps people discover Jesus.

    “The Personality of Jesus gives young people an accurate picture of Christ. Originally authored by Francis Clark, now 100 years later, Ashley Denton has overhauled the first writing to help young people today encounter the winsome personality of Jesus in an incredibly compelling way. For student ministry leaders, youth pastors, and parents, this book introduces young people to Jesus Christ and helps them grow in their faith by seeing Him for who He truly is, the most loving, courageous, adventurous, authentic man who has ever lived. If you want to grow in your awe of Jesus or help someone you know encounter him through an honest look at his life, this book is for you.” -Smooth Stone Publishing

    Click here to learn more about this book on Amazon.

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