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  • Throwing a Christmas party to reach out to neighbors
  • Throwing a Christmas party to reach out to neighbors

    Last year our family did something very simple – yet it was very effective.  We threw a neighborhood Christmas party to reach out to those who live close by.  We did not know exactly what to expect.  We have been trying to be more purposeful to get to know our neighbors by hanging out in our front lawn, going for walks, etc.  When Christmas came around, we decided to invite several families over to just enjoy some time together.  We deliverd the invitations just a few days before the party.   (Due to my procrastination).   We did not know how many would feel comfortable in coming over but were shocked that almost everyone we invited came….and really enjoyed the time!  The invitations we made were very simple.  We put together some simple refeshments, put on some Christmas music and simply tried to love on our neighbors. Several people commented that night on how much they enjoyed spending time together and wanted to continue to get to know each other.  We had some great conversations and even had one neighbor join us for Christmas Eve services.

    Again, we were shocked by how simple this was yet how effective.  I have heard of others when do something similar that open it up to have each person share a favorite Christmas story or share why they enjoy Christmas.  This can open up conversations to spritiual things.  It seems like when we do little things to reach out and create community that God opens up doors to be able to shine His light.  

    Please consider how you might use this Christmas season as an opportunity to shine Christ!  Simple steps to engage with people in your life opens up pathways for the Gospel to travel across!!!  INTENTIONALLY ON MISSION ….PURPOSEFULLY MAKING DISCIPLES!