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  • Wrestling Through Coronavirus-Prayer and Biblical Resources

    As we see the Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates filtering through the news and the cases increasing by the day, many of us may be turning to fear, anxiety and even panic. That’s exactly where the evil one wants us. Instead, we can rest in our Savior who loves us, who has given Himself for us, and who is sovereign over each of our lives and everything going on in the world right now. 

    The best way for each of us to combat the temptation to fear is prayer and resting in the truths of God’s Word. We have compiled a list of ten Psalms that speak directly to fear, anxiety and the peace we have in Christ.

    • Psalm 16
    • Psalm 23
    • Psalm 24
    • Psalm 27
    • Psalm 37
    • Psalm 46
    • Psalm 55
    • Psalm 91
    • Psalm 121
    • Psalm 139

    We would encourage you to pray through these Psalms as you wrestle with Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the response it elicits in your heart. If you have not prayed through scripture before or are looking for a new method, here are a few methods you could try:

    And here are a couple more Psalms to encourage us to delight in the Lord in spite of the unrest and uncertainty of our world right now.

    • Psalm 36
    • Psalm 63

    If you are interested in any further resources, here are a few blogs related to Coronavirus: