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  • Ep. 2 – Awake to Politics

    In this week’s episode, Hannah and Aaron talk to Pastor Jacob Chacko about his recent sermon “Awake to Politics” (found here).

    In this podcast we talk through:
    -How has the Lord shaped thoughts and affections through this sermon?
    -How are the themes of identity negatively impacted by culture through these three sermons? How do we rightly order the things that we identify as?
    -How do we balance needing to be outsiders to the political system but also vote according to political parties?
    -How do we factor behavior vs. beliefs into our vote?
    -How do we research the political system without letting it consume us?
    -How do we use our vote to love our neighbor when our vote is perceived as not loving our neighbor?

    Resources: Truth Over Tribe by Keith Simon and Patrick Keith Miller, Political Gospel by Patrick Scheriner