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    Kevin Wolfe – Genesis 15:1-21

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the message and why?
    • Why is the doctrine that we are saved by faith alone in Jesus Christ so essential for us to grasp?  What are the ramifications if we drift away from this glorious truth?
    • There is a temptation to say that we believe in Jesus plus…. (other things).  What are some of those “other things” that people put their faith in?  What are the things you are tempted to add to Jesus for your ongoing relationship and right standing with God?
    • How does knowing our salvation is based on what Christ has done lead you to worship? How can this impact the way you view your circumstances this week?
    • How does knowing that many promises of God are future focused give you strength and perseverance today?
    Prayer Items
    • Spend some time worshipping God for salvation that is completely dependent on what He has done for you in Christ.
    • Praise God for what you have in God’s promises both now and what will be yours in the future.
    • Pray for those you know who are NOT trusting in Jesus alone for their salvation.  Pray that God would grant the gift of faith to them.