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  • Faith In God’s Call

    Aaron LeDuc – Genesis 11:27-12:20

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out to you most from the message?  Why?
    • How does it change your perspective to know that the blessing promised to Abraham is one that you share as a follower of Jesus?
    • How does seeing Abraham’s faith encourage you to courageously follow Christ?
    • How does seeing Abraham’s weakness help you to trust Christ with your own weaknesses?
    • How is God calling you to respond as a result of this sermon?

    Prayer Items
    • Spend time worshiping God in prayer sovereignly working in history to accomplish His purposes
    • Confess the ways you have lived in fear rather that faith in responding to God’s call
    • Praise God for the grace you’ve received in Christ and the inheritance you receive through faith in Him
    • Ask God to make His power perfect through your weakness as you seek to respond to His word