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    Kevin Wolfe – Luke 10:38-42

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out to you most from the message?  Why?
    • What are the things in life that distract you from being with Jesus?
    • What is the result of serving Jesus that is NOT motivated by worship?
    • Why is Biblical community so important?
    • What does it look like to be on mission in this upcoming week?
    • What are steps you want to take this next week in response to this message?

    Prayer Items
    • Pray for a greater desire to sit at the feet of Jesus and enjoy time with Him.
    • Pray that we would be a church marked by people enjoying nearness to the Lord.
    • Pray for the way we engage as a church family together in Biblical community.
    • Pray for each person at MVC to use their gifts to be on mission in their unique sphere of influence.