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    Aaron LeDuc – 1 John 5:13-21

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out to you most from the message? Why?
    • How has our journey through 1 John encouraged you? How is your pursuit of Christ different in light of this letter? 
    • How are you prone to doubt your salvation? How does God desire you to be assured in Christ?
    • In what way does 1 John 5:21 summarize God’s heart for us through this whole letter? What are idols that God is calling you to destroy?

    Prayer Items
    • God has given us all things through Christ – security, comfort, knowledge, and eternal life. Spend some time worshiping God for these good gifts.
    • Ask God to align your heart to His – “Thy will be done”
    • Confess to God the ways that you’ve given into various idols in your life
    • Ask for God’s help to more fully trust, obey, and love Him