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    Kevin Wolfe – Psalm 145

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out to you most from the message? Why?
    • What reasons do you have to praise God everyday of your life no matter what is going on?
    • Praising Him from generation to generation: If you are a parent – how can you take one step to help your kids see the greatness of God and why He is worthy to be praised this week? What is one way you can encourage someone who is older than you and someone who is younger than you to see the goodness of God?
    • Go through the alphabet and like the Psalm, use each letter to prompt you to praise God for something. Pray these things out loud to God or write them down in a journal.
    • Stop and praise God three times a day over this next week (even set a timer if that helps). How does it change your day when you are focused on praising God throughout the day. How may this practice change the way you praise and worship God at our weekly gathering?