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    Clark Richardson – Genesis 14:17-24

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the message and why?
    • Do you see the clear ways God powerfully keeps his promise to Abram (Genesis 12:1-3)?  Are there specific ways you can see the same pattern in your own life?
    • Making deals with the king of Sodom:  What are the specific alternatives you are tempted to find rest in?
    • How will you seek the Lord to continually turn your heart back to his lavish blessing and unfailing promise? Back to HIM!
    • What are your heart responses to the truth that you have a great and sympathetic high priest in Jesus (your king of righteousness/king of peace)?
    Prayer Items
    • In prayer, identify those “alternatives” you tend to look to for security and satisfaction in life.  Confess them and ask God to realign your heart daily.
    • Pray for God to help you see just how abundant and gracious he has been to you in Jesus. Give thanks for specifics.
    • Ask God to enlarge your view of him as a perfect promise keeping and lavishly gracious God.
    • Seek the Lord Most High to stir your affections and passion for him in new and fresh ways.
    • Pray for us overall as a church, that we’d grow in greater love for Jesus Christ (“passionately loving him together”), our great, sympathetic, perfect, and eternal High Priest.