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  • Palm Sunday 2021

    Mark 11

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
    • How are the hopes of the people praising Jesus as he entered Jerusalem similar to your hopes? How are they different?
    • What are some ways that Jesus’ work in your life has been not what you expected?
    • Why is it important, to know the full story of the Kingdom of God and its fulfillment in Jesus?
    • Are there any ways that you are “in leaf” but not bearing fruit? Is God calling you to repent and change? 
    • How is Christ calling you to place your faith more completely in him this Easter season?
    Prayer Items
    • Worship God in prayer for His plan of redemption
    • Confess the ways that you have acted as you think you should without the requisite heart of worship; the ways that you’ve been behaving rightly without believing rightly
    • Praise God that the work of salvation is finished through Christ, that our salvation doesn’t depend on our works, but on His grace

    Ask God for help to follow him with joy and purpose, not to earn His favor, but because you’re grateful that you have His favor