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  • Reoccurring Sin

    Kevin Wolfe – Genesis 20:1-18

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the message and why?
    • Why is it important to identify reoccurring sins and and get to the root issues?
    • Are there areas you are lacking in integrity in our life?  (telling white lies, half truths, etc.)  Why is it important that as representatives of Christ we are truthful in all our responses?
    • What would walking in repentance practically look like as you seek to put to death reoccurring sins in your life?  Why is God’s grace and mercy such a motivator to deal honestly with your sin?

    Prayer Items
    • Ask God to help you to identify areas of recurring sin in your life and ask God to reveal what the roots of those sins.  (i.e. what are you wrongly believing about God or yourself)
    • Thank God for His abundant grace he gives us in his response to our sin.
    • Pray that you would be a man or woman of integrity in all areas of your life where you would always be truthful no matter what the consequences are.