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  • The Empty Pursuit of Money
  • The Empty Pursuit of Money

    Ecclesiastes 5:8 – 6:9

    Discussion Questions
    • Why do you think money is such a “taboo” topic in our culture and the church?  How is our view of money often a window into our heart?
    • Where have you seen examples of those with great wealth but still aren’t content or joyful?
    • What is the problem with pursuing money as a means of joy and satisfaction?
    • How can the hoarding of money reflect a wrong heart?
    • What does it look like to be content with God’s provision?  What do you think is the “secret” of being content?
    • How can generosity and giving help you learn to be content with what you have?
    Prayer Items
    • Thank God and worship Him for what He has provided for you.
    • Pray for your contentment around your finances.  Pray for the “gift of God” to enjoy what He has provided for you.
    • Pray for opportunities to give toward Kingdom works or provide for those in need.  If you are in a place of need, pray for boldness and humility to make that need known to others.