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  • The Message And The Messenger

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    Discussion Questions
    • How has your life been shaped through gospel preaching? Are there ways you have seen God bless and grow you through the Spirit in spite of the “broken vessel” who delivered the message?
    • What are the ways you can praise God for how the Holy Spirit has grown you through His Word?
    • Are you more likely to respond to sin with mercy or justice? Were you challenged in the call to respond in both?
    • Pray for our church family: That the Lord would continue to meet and lead us, that we would live lives in the light of confession, and our pastors would walk in dependence and faith.
    Prayer Items
    • Praise God for the ways that He has worked through the proclamation of the Word in your life.
    • Confess to God the ways that you don’t measure up to the call He has on your life. Is there any sin that you should confess? Confess it to Him knowing that He is faithful and just to forgive you.
    • Thank God that you have been called to a holy calling and for the many benefits you receive as His child. Matthew 11:28 will help you to worship him for the rest you receive in Christ.
    • Ask God to help you to walk in the ways He’s leading. Ask Him to help you follow Jesus more fully and with greater resolve.