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  • When All You Ever Wanted is Not Enough
  • When All You Ever Wanted is Not Enough

    Ecclesiastes 2:1-11

    Discussion Questions
    • What stood out most to you from the sermon, and why?
    • What are the marketing messages that we are fed everyday around the “pleasures” of this world?
    • If you were to be honest, how would you answer this question:  “for me to be happy and satisfied, I need ________”
    • What good news comes from recognizing that nothing under the sun (apart from God) will ultimately ever fully satisfy you?  What does this cause you to do?
    • Read Psalm 16:11. What does this verse reveal?
    • How can the wants and longings you have right now actually shift your gaze to look to Jesus?     
    Prayer Items
    • Ask God to help you replace your thirst for the things of this world with a greater thirst and joy that is found in Him.
    • Confess the areas in your life that you are tempted to grasp for fulfillment in rather than looking to God for your joy and satisfaction.  
    • Acknowledge in prayer that God, the One who made you by Himself and for Himself, is what your soul really longs for.
    • Pray for the ability to see the world as God sees the world.