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  • The Family of God: Joyful Service

    Kevin Wolfe – Romans 12:1-8

    Discussion Questions
    • What is the main point of Romans 12:1-8 in your own words?
    • How does this passage describe a healthy church family? Who suffers when those in the church family do not use their gifts to serve the greater whole of the body? (cross reference with 1 Corinthians 12:12-31)
    • What are barriers to using your gifts to serve the church family? How has the last two two years of COVID impacted the body of Christ when it comes to serving each other and our community? How can you overcome those barriers? How can we help each other live out the beauty of God’s design?
    • As we move into a new church building, how can we as a family use this as an opportunity to live out God’s commands about being a member of Christ? What are the dangers (mentalities) of moving into a new building that we need to fight against as a family of God?